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My New Minigame: Ninja Gaiden

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My New Minigame: Ninja Gaiden Empty My New Minigame: Ninja Gaiden

Post  Shiek Broken-Heart on 6th September 2013, 7:43 pm

So this weekend is the release of my new Minecraft pvp minigame Ninja Gaiden! Basically the Ninjas and the Samurai duke it out in the night, trying to kill everyone on the opposing team in a makeshift Japanese map! Anyone want in? Very Happy

... Ok, I'll level with you here, and I'm sorry for probably sounding whiney. The LGU (Legendary Gamers Unite) keep bailing on me whenever they promise to play a minigame, and all for that stupid LoL game. Two of the Evillious Army's best pvp players have become brats and cheaters on this map, so they are banned from the recorded release. My usual pvp player broke his ankle and cant get to his computer, Jordyn and Root are probably busy, Cassey and Zeno get on less and less due to high school and college respectively, and my brother is almost permanently grounded from his laptop. I cant seem to get the attention of any of the "celebs." Which just leaves me to play with two people who don't even know what they are doing. A friend says she might be able to get a team, but she's been weird lately. I've had to cancel so many projects, and since this is that one friend's present from their birthday and hasn't been played officially, I cant cancel this one, nor do I want to. I'm sorry for such short notice, but if any of you know how to play and have Skype, could you please sign up for this weekend? We'll prob have three rounds. We have 4 slots left for Samurai, and 8 for Ninja, but I can probably add more slots if I actually manage to get more people. If you could, I'd really appreciate it. And if anyone is wondering why I haven't tried asking on forums, it is because half of the people I play with are from the Minecraft forum. Also, honestly I know you guys better, and I don't want to have to constantly hand my Skype out to complete strangers.
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